Saturday, 28 July 2018

My top 5 places to explore in Amsterdam

Hey everyone!

I recently arrived back home from an amazing trip to Amsterdam. I did so much while I was there and thought I'd make a little guide to the places you should visit and a few extra tips. Tell me below, Have you ever travelled to the Netherlands?

 Heineken Experience

This made it onto my list as I was so unexpectedly surprised by this tourist attraction. I have been on something similar to this in Kilkenny at Smithwicks (which is also something I recommend doing). Not only do you get the hear about the history of the beer and how it is made but they have loads of fun games and photo opportunities, aswell as this really weird but awesome simulation thingy where you are a bottle (ok that actually sounds so stupid but it's AMAZING). You also get 2 beers with your admission at the bar. if you are over 18, or 2 soft drinks if you are underage.

 Canal Cruise

As everyone knows, Amsterdam is famous for it's canals. There are lots of different companies who do canal tours, I went on a Blue Boat cruise. I really enjoyed it, there was also an audio guide you could tune into, to hear facts about the places you passed by on the canal. It lasted about 70 minutes, which was the perfect length. It was so picturesque and should be experienced by everyone.

The Amsterdam Museum

I had never heard anyone talk about this before I happened to go into it, I really loved the layout of this musuem and I learned so much about the history of Amsterdam and how it came to be so unique and beautiful. This museum is a mix of an audio tour, videos, facts written on the walls and hands on learning. Not only is it a great museum, it has a beautiful courtyard along with a coffee shop, I recommend relaxing there afterwards. 

Rembrandt Square

This is one of my favourite places I visited. This is a really cute little square that is surrounded by restaurants and bars (which btw the restaurants are really good too). It has a monument in the middle of the square, which makes for great photo opportunities and a green space which is lovely to chill on after your meal. On a Sunday they also have a lovely art market to browse around. Overall the square has amazing vibes.

I amsterdam sign/Rijksmuseum

This is another lovely area in Amsterdam which is filled with great museums, such as the Van Gogh, Diamond, Modern art and the infamous Rijksmuseum. This area makes a great place to chill out and eat an ice cream or waffle, due to the different stands and carts around and all the greenspace. You can also hear amazing musicians play and you walk under/ through the Rijks museum. Oh! I nearly forgot, this is also where you can take that staple pic beside the I amsterdam sign.

Other things you should know before travelling to Amsterdam

One of the best things you can do while in Amsterdam is purchase an I amsterdam city card, when you buy this you can use unlimited trams and buses, get free admission to lots of musuems and discounts on other things, such as The Heineken Experience or your bill at Wagamamas. Also if you do get this card, don't forget the tap on and off the tram, if not your card will not longer work!

Amsterdam has a really good selection of places to eat which cater to most dietary requirements, my favourite place I ate in was Toastable, which do the most delectable 3 layer sandwiches that will change your life (My fav is the Californication).

You really should try and walk as much as you can to soak up the culture and beautiful architecture, try and even schedule a chunk of time just to walk around and see what you find!
Other great places to visit are the handbag museum, the Van Loon house, the Tulip museum, Anne Frank's Hiding House and Jardaan.

That's all for today's post! Do you think I left anything out? Tell me below. I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you are headed to Amsterdam, Safe Travels :D Thanks for reading!

Niamh xoxo


Wednesday, 18 July 2018

CYO brand review

Hey everyone!

Today's post is one I have been working on for quite a while and something I'm excited to share with you. It's a brand review on CYO cosmetics, which is a fairly new brand to hit Boots. In the past month I have acquired 5 products that I want to share my thoughts on today. Oh before I forget I have set up an Instagram for my blog, you can find it @essentiallyniamh on there :)

Matte-Attack (matte and blur primer)

This clear silicon textured primer retails for €6.50, it has no pigment as is very similar to other primers I have used, like Barry M's one. It does a good job of blurring the look of large pores and doesn't leave your skin looking shiny. I like to use this even without foundation and it does increase the longevity of my face products, it gets a thumbs up from me!

Meet your Matte (matte face powder)

As I was researching a bit about the brand I saw that their slogan is 'Be a makeup maverick', which kind of spooks me as it instantly reminded me of Logan Paul, which I'm sure is not what they were going for haha Anyways, this powder retails for €5.00, which is very reasonable. It comes in 4 shades and its a light powder to seal in your cream face products and doesn't leave your face looking cakey. I like it and would repurchase.

Shade to Last (lip and cheek stain)

This product comes in two shades 'Stop out', the one I purchased and is more red toned of the two and 'Here all day', which is quite an interesting nearly illuminious pink shade. 'Stop out' is very comparable to Benetint, which is a lovely product. It is a great shade which can be built up for a more dramatic look or sheered out for a more natural look. I prefer to wear this on my lips and I can confirm it does last a very long time, €6.50.

Take the Threeway (shadow, liner and mascara)

This product really grabbed my attention when I first saw the stand in Boots. It is a three in one product which is priced at €9.00. My favourite bit about this is the mascara which is really nice. The eye liner does its job and the shadow is very messy but very pretty when applied to the inner corners of your eyes. I recommend this product for people who do their makeup on the go or if you ravel with your makeup. Overall it's a little gimicky but I do like the product. I have the shade 'Don't kill my vibe' and it's the only one I have seen in Boots but on the website it is available in what seems to be a nude shade called 'Play it Nice'.

The mascara on my lashes (check my insta for a shadow swatch!)

Sweeping Statement (metallic eye stick)

This product is my absolute favourite thing I have bought from CYO. It is a creamy eye shadow stick which comes in four shades and retails for €6.00. The shade I use every time I do my makeup to open up my eyes is called 'Clowning Around', it is a very bright silvery taupe and really helps to make your eyes look bright and wide. You can see a swatch of it on my saved insta stories! It is a really easy to use product that lasts well on the eyes and I can't wait for them to release more shades!

My overall opinion on CYO is that they have really good quality products that won't break the bank and most importantly are against animal testing! If you are hesitant on buying any of their products I'd definitely say to go for it and try some of their stuff. That's all for today, tell me in the comments if you have tried any CYO products!


Wednesday, 6 June 2018

How to be organised and get your life together

Hello everyone!

Isn't everyone just trying to get their life together? I feel that might be so. In today's post I will be sharing my top tips on get your life back on track and organised. Check out an old post I did on planning here. Let's get into it!

Make a massive list

This is super important if you want to get organised, it is writing out any thoughts you have had about getting organised, for instance, what clothes you need to bring to the dry cleaners, who's birthday present you need to buy etc. Every so often when I find myself making mental lists (which btw never work) I write it all down because no matter how much you say you won't, you will forget mental lists.

Clean your environment

If your space is cluttered, your mind is cluttered. I recommend deep cleaning the space around you, whether that be your room or your office desk, maybe both. Recently, I cleaned my space and it was so freeing, I didn't have that nagging thought in the back of my head "you need to to clean your room!!". This also means that I felt motivated to continue ticking tasks off my " To Do List ".

Get inspired

Not too long ago I discovered the beautiful genre of organisational videos on Youtube, they are the best thing since sliced bread!!! They are super motivating while giving you neat tricks to be more organised, my favourite channels to follow are Lavendaire, she creates high quality content on a wide variety of organisational topics and Seventeen, Seventeen's content is more centered around organisation by using bullet journals.  Also Study With Jessshe shows you how to get your study life organised along with other awesome videos. I made a playlist, you can view here , of some great organisation videos :D If you like this idea I can definitely expand it, tell me in the comments!

That's all for today's post, I feel like I want to do a few more in depth posts about organisation, would you like that? Let me know in the comments. I hope to be posting as often as I can, so we will talk soon :)

Have an organised day!
Niamh xoxo